The environment group has worked over the last to year to develop the Woodquay Park and our waterways.

Woodquay Park

Our unique city centre park was created over one hundred years ago when the old Woodquay dock was infilled and became a community focal point and playground for younger children.  Older residents remember days when young children played football and hurling within the park, while older children played on the plots.  These vital green spaces nurtured generations of aspiring sports people.  Through the years, the park has become largely abandoned and a little unloved.

Over the last two years, the committee has discussed various concepts for the redevelopment of our beautiful park. Our inspiration for our initial concept has been influenced by the history, the water and traditions of Woodquay. As one resident explained, ‘most communities grow up with their feet in the land, in Woodquay you grow up with your feet in the water’.

Through consultation with designers and other communities we have conceived an initial design concept to use as a starting point for a wider discussion within the community.  The potential of the park is to promote a more positive usage of our shared community space.

The design concept is inspired by the importance of water in peoples everyday lived experience and the mythological origins of the name Lough Corrib.

With these themes in mind a meeting was arranged with renowned designer Mary Reynolds.  In February, Mary Reynolds visited Woodquay and worked with locals to create a design.  This design is a starting point to engage the community in discussion regarding the future of the park.